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100 things July 20, 2009

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copied this of someones blog randomly.
i wanted to post something not so serious and this is just perfect.
read on!

1. Real Name: I’d tell you but I will have to kill you first.

2. Like it? I think it’s nice

4. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

5. Male or Female: Male

6. Elementary: Problem child

7. Middle: Crazy fun!

8. High: Hookups every night, chicks, party, hangovers, friends

9. College: Hungover for 3 and a half years, don’t recall much

10. Hair Color: Brown

11. Eye Color: Light brown

12. Hair Length: Short

13. Current Worry: How will I make breakfast? I’m out of all naashta grocery.

14. Race: Huh?

15. Are you a health freak? Not at all

16. Height: 6’0

17. Do you have a crush on someone? Yeah

18. Do you like yourself? I’ve lived with me for 30+ plus years, I think I like myself

19. Piercings: Nah

20. Tattoos: Nopes

21. Righty or lefty: Lefty


22. First surgery: 2004

23. First piercing: Never happened

24. First friend: Eric

25. First award: For participation in a school play

26. First sport: Swimming

27. First pet: A turtle

28. First vacation: The first one I remember was to Pakistan

29. First teacher: Haven’t a clue

30. First crush: My mothers best friend


31. Orange or Apple juice: Apple

32. Rock or Rap: Rock

33. Country or screamo: Neither

34. Nsync or Backsteet Boys: N Sync

35. Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera: Britney

36. Night or Day: Night

37. Sun or Moon: Moon

38. Tv or Internet: It’s a choice so, Internet

39. Playstation or Xbox: Xbox

40. Kiss or Hug: Depends on the moment

41. Iguana or Turtle: Turtle

42. Spider or Bee: Bee!

43. Fall or Spring: Fall

44. Limewire or iTunes: Don’t care for either

46. Soccer or Baseball: Soccer


50. Drinking: No

51. I’m about to: Sleep

53. Singing: Day ‘n’ Night

54. Typing: Looks like it 😛


55. Want kids? Hell Yeah!

56. When? Starting maybe end of next year

57. Want to get married? Yeah

58. When? This year, inshallah

59. Where do you want to live? Definitely not in Pakistan

60. How many kids do you want? Hundreds of them

61. Any name on the mind? 4 confirmed

62. What did you want to be when you were little? A pilot I think

63. What did you think you’ll be doing? Didn’t think through things that much, still don’t

64. Mellow future or Wild: Are you serious?

66. Something you would never try? There is not a thing in the world I wouldn’t try

67. When do you want to die? Never


68. Lips or Eyes: Eyes

69. Hugging or kissing: Both, cannot choose

70. Shorter or taller: Shorter

71. Tan skinned or Light: Tanned

72. Romantic or spontaneous: I’m a romantic, she can be spontaneous

73. Dark or Light hair: Dark

74. Muscular or Normal: Dude? Normal.

75. Hook-up or Relationships: Why would you even bother asking a guy this question?

76. Similar to you or different: A little bit of both I guess, I don’t know


78. Kissed a stranger? Only strangers! hahaha

79. Drank bubbles? Yes!

80. Broken a bone? Yes, many bones, many times

81. Climbed up a tree? Yeah

82. Broken someone’s heart? Yeah

83. Turned someone down? Yeah

84. Had your heart broken? Yup

85. Liked a friend as more than a friend? Nah


86. Yourself? Not as much as I should

87. Miracles? Yes

88. Love at first sight? No

89. Santa Claus? Yeah

90. Kiss on first date: I don’t “believe” in it but it’s happened

91. Angels? Yes


92. Is there one or more people you want to be with right now? Just one

93. Who is it? I think the entire world knows

94. Like someone? Yeah


95. Text message: Don’t own a cell phone

96. Received call: Read 95

97. Call made: to M

98. Facebook message: Does Twitter count?

99. Missed call: Read 95 again

100. Last hungout with: A bunch of friends on saturday


God as i see Him July 16, 2009

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i have felt and been through many emotions in my life.

i was more sensitive towards my surroundings,
and i always paid close attention to detail.
i had the ability to look beyond what is being said,
and being presented.
i felt more than i ever saw.

i was never really a believer.
but i was never really a disbeliever either.
i didn’t believe in my own capabilities.
i didn’t believe in myself.
i still don’t truly.

there comes a point in everyones life where they meet someone,
and that someone changes your life forever.
and they show you things that either you had never seen before,
or you saw them but didn’t notice them.

and then along came this person who was so confident,
a complete believer,
used words like faith and hope and belief.

for me,
this person opened up the world of God.

it didn’t happen at once.
it was a slow process,
took many years.
i’m still going through the process.

God is a process.

it’s an on going process.

during the process,
you fall.
you stumble.
you lose faith.
you hate.
you love.
you get angry.

it’s a painful,
on-going process.
believing is not an easy thing to do.

but what it does for you at times is,
it gives you a sense of peace.

The thing with God,
that I have learnt is that you have to ask Him.
He wants us to ask Him for what we want.
He likes it when we go to Him again and again.
He wants is to go to Him,
talk to Him.

He wants us to to do dua (prayer).
And I have seen with my own dua,
not a single dua ever goes to waste.

I am going to share a little secret of dua with everyone today.
You have to try it and tell me how it worked.

If someone you know,
or even yourself is having a headache,
all you have to do is close your eyes,
concentrate and say to God please make this pain go away,
within a few minutes,
it will become better.

it’s nothing else but a little faith that you put in Him that I am asking you for your help,
and He will help you.

every single day,
i do dua for so many people.
sometimes people request me to do their dua on the spot,
and they know how quickly it works.
i encourage everyone to do it themselves.

it’s a very small step towards the belief in God.
baby step.
but once you will see it work,
you will start believing.
because us humans,
we need to see something before believing in it completely.

do it and see for yourself.
but when you do it,
you have to do it with the faith that this will help.
it’s exactly the same theory as taking medicine.
when one takes a pain killer,
we believe that it will work.
it’s the trust.

try it.
don’t be afraid.


this post is the beginning of a series of posts that I will write,
in which I will share my experiences of God with you.

Until next time,
God Bless.