the sound of music.

me. October 7, 2006 or


2 Responses to “me.”

  1. fat abbot Says:

    i have come to say hello.

    who knew where one unassuming google search would bring me.

    “waiting is painful. forgetting is painful. but not knowing which one to do is the worst kind of suffering.” , my old friend paulo, by the river peidra, id come across those lines just this summer, and needed to go back to them in hopes of finding some solace, thing is i just didnt know exactly how they went.

    “no one said it would be easy but no one said it’d be this hard..” – the scientist, coldplay, a song that fittingly followed the above lines even in my own story.. the more i read, the more i found my self helplessly becoming lost in your story, and i wondered if it was really your own..

    you weave words beautifully, you spill semantics and syntantics with a reckless abandon that warrants nothing short of absolute captivation.

    i am just here to say hello, and thank you stranger, a few moments lost here, i think i have found some of that solace which i ceaselessly seek,

    if you find this, just know.

    i wonder who you are, and what makes us folk so.

  2. chandni Says:

    A chance landing up on your blog and I have spent 3 hours reading every single post. From start to finish. Some more than once.

    I was looking for an email address….couldn’t find one.

    Just wanted to reach out, why I don’t know. But it felt right.

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