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God as i see Him July 16, 2009

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i have felt and been through many emotions in my life.

i was more sensitive towards my surroundings,
and i always paid close attention to detail.
i had the ability to look beyond what is being said,
and being presented.
i felt more than i ever saw.

i was never really a believer.
but i was never really a disbeliever either.
i didn’t believe in my own capabilities.
i didn’t believe in myself.
i still don’t truly.

there comes a point in everyones life where they meet someone,
and that someone changes your life forever.
and they show you things that either you had never seen before,
or you saw them but didn’t notice them.

and then along came this person who was so confident,
a complete believer,
used words like faith and hope and belief.

for me,
this person opened up the world of God.

it didn’t happen at once.
it was a slow process,
took many years.
i’m still going through the process.

God is a process.

it’s an on going process.

during the process,
you fall.
you stumble.
you lose faith.
you hate.
you love.
you get angry.

it’s a painful,
on-going process.
believing is not an easy thing to do.

but what it does for you at times is,
it gives you a sense of peace.

The thing with God,
that I have learnt is that you have to ask Him.
He wants us to ask Him for what we want.
He likes it when we go to Him again and again.
He wants is to go to Him,
talk to Him.

He wants us to to do dua (prayer).
And I have seen with my own dua,
not a single dua ever goes to waste.

I am going to share a little secret of dua with everyone today.
You have to try it and tell me how it worked.

If someone you know,
or even yourself is having a headache,
all you have to do is close your eyes,
concentrate and say to God please make this pain go away,
within a few minutes,
it will become better.

it’s nothing else but a little faith that you put in Him that I am asking you for your help,
and He will help you.

every single day,
i do dua for so many people.
sometimes people request me to do their dua on the spot,
and they know how quickly it works.
i encourage everyone to do it themselves.

it’s a very small step towards the belief in God.
baby step.
but once you will see it work,
you will start believing.
because us humans,
we need to see something before believing in it completely.

do it and see for yourself.
but when you do it,
you have to do it with the faith that this will help.
it’s exactly the same theory as taking medicine.
when one takes a pain killer,
we believe that it will work.
it’s the trust.

try it.
don’t be afraid.


this post is the beginning of a series of posts that I will write,
in which I will share my experiences of God with you.

Until next time,
God Bless.


3 Responses to “God as i see Him”

  1. falsa Says:

    Where were you? I loved your post. I needed it. 🙂 Remember me in your prayers too? Please?

  2. in2deep Says:

    Hey friend:)
    I’ve been more there than here. Someday I will write about why I disappeared. You are in my prayers.
    Stay well.

  3. someone Says:

    If you still read your comments, I would like a request from you too. Please pray all my wishes for today come true. They are for job, marriage, etc. I have a wishlist it’s not long or extensive. Can you please pray for that. I wanna see the power of dua too. Inshaa Allah I will come back and write my success.

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