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A Summer Dream June 25, 2009

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i write today after a year and a half because…well.
i miss sharing my experiences and my stories.

i just have one question to ask you today.

ever get the feeling you’re meant to do something extraordinary?


2 Responses to “A Summer Dream”

  1. gm Says:

    yes, and i also have the feeling that i am just stuck at a wrong place and utilizing only half of my potential….

  2. fat_abbot Says:

    A stranger, uttering a quiet sigh of relief.

    To answer your question – yeah, I think I do. I sit and fidget, yearning to do more, to become more. I lie awake often, itching to turn dreams into realities, to get the proverbial dirt under my far-too-clean fingernails.

    So many of us do though, I wonder if those who bitterly resign themselves to living out the menial and conventional are the only ones who really get it.

    Glad you are back.

    Keep inspiring.

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