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believing in a dream. September 5, 2007

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i wish i could be the only one feeling my own pain.
it hurts more when you know the other is hurting because of you..
for you..
with you.

i have come back from dying so many times.
i wonder why.
what do i have to do in this world.

what i want,
i don’t get.

why can i not just go away.

the world does not end.
the world will not end.

my world has crumbled into pieces.

the worst thing?

i still believe in the dream i had.
i believe in my dreams.

i have no reason to.
but i do.

i believe in the fairy tales.
in the princess who i will kiss and wake up.
in the love that we have.
in the truth of our fate.
in the moments that we lived.
in the words that i spoke.
in the dreams that we dreamt.
in the nights we filled with fireworks.
in the mornings we woke up to the eternal sunshine.
in the God who disappoints me.
in the strength of my blind faith.
in the happiness i am destined to get.
in the tears that fall from my eyes.

i believe.


6 Responses to “believing in a dream.”

  1. mansoor Says:

    dream big buddy!

    dreams are what makes this dreary existence seem worthwhile… and one day, when you get to achieve that dream…

    its THEN when you realize, they were worth it!

  2. its good to dream but its even better to try and make that dream come true!

  3. UTP Says:

    Believing is the only way to move on…in this life…just believe and keep the faith…

  4. hera* Says:

    Didnt you learn yet?? There are no princes or princesses for that matter and there are no dreams……..only dream that there are of them when they leave you and everytime you wake up you have this weird feeling all the way to your stomach that they are gone for real…

  5. hera* Says:

    Sorry bout being blunt…….but dreams make me sick these days….

  6. Jaded Says:

    human fallacy dictates that for all our disillusionment we fall back to dreaming regardless… more often than not doomed for disappointment…

    Am reminded of a cheesy film dialogue, in which a mom tells a daughter that she should dream as much as she want… she just shouldn’t do so with the condition of those dreams coming true…

    love and prayers…

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