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Dancing through the fire….just to catch a flame. August 21, 2007

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You do something to me… something deep inside
I’m hanging on the wire..with love I’ll never find
You do something wonderful, then chase it all away
Mixing my emotions that throws me back again..

Hanging on the wire, I’m waiting for the change
I’m dancing through the fire, just to catch a flame-
And feel real again.

You do something to me…somewhere deep inside
I’m hoping to get close to a peace I cannot find..

Dancing through the fire.. just to catch a flame;
Just to get close to, just close enough-
To tell you that

You do something to me….something deep inside…

iloveyou b.




3 Responses to “Dancing through the fire….just to catch a flame.”

  1. dude!!! u livee!!!!

    i was wondering just a lil while ago where’d u gone off too

    been off the blogworld myself for the longest :p but trying 2 get back.

    how’s life been?

    uumm… just realized… this isn’t the famous S posting is it? in which case i just might end up wondering some more…

  2. s Says:

    oh wow, this song brings back SO many memories!! my ex and i considered this ‘our’ song (corny, i know). i also named a blog after it (please don’t go super detective on my ass and try and find it, it was full of whiny posts about my ex!). i think i ruined the damn tape by playing it over and over again (back when we used to actually listen to tapes and not mp3’s).

    hope you’re both doing well.


  3. Faiqa Says:

    You are alive!! often wondered whatever happned to you…!!!

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