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Blogwordoftheday: Finally. April 26, 2007

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The waiting drove me mad… you’re finally here and I’m a mess


5 Responses to “Blogwordoftheday: Finally.”

  1. Jaded Says:

    i’m sure she’ll clean you up :)… waiting for news that april brought you something to celebrate! love and prayers!

  2. UTP Says:

    At least he/she is here and you are here also? Mess doesnt matter…we all are in some kind of mess all the time anyway…

  3. Sara Says:

    i hope the trip exceeds your wildest imagination, you’ve waited long enough and deserve it! Update us on what happened and good luck!

  4. s Says:

    did you guys finally meet??

    oh my god, that’s amazing.

    update soon!


  5. falsa Says:

    Yeah I wanna know too:(
    But hope all is cool- tangible excitement!

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