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My life: The Uncommon Dialogue. April 6, 2007

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She said: This love business is great, but how about showing me a picture sometime too?

He said: I promise I will. Im working on it.

She wondered: Um, okay. Whats there to work on? Its the year 2002.

Now: She’s still waiting for that picture of himself he promised. Its now 2007.

He said: Of course I’ll come and see you.

She said: Will you really? It would be great for this all to work out. This was 2003. He came to Pakistan. To get married to someone else.

Now: He’s saying what he said those 4 years ago.

She said: How about I come to America? Maybe that way things will be better!

He said: Thats great- it’ll be perfect. We’ll plan our lives out. Everything will work out great. He got deported from America 10 days before she got her visa.

She said: How about you come to Pakistan? We can try something out atleast? Even if youre deported, Pakistan would be great, no?

He said: I dont really have control over that, but it would be great- if I were to actually be there, somehow things could work out.

Now: He came to Pakistan the summer she went to America. Its been 2 years since she went to America. Its been 2 years since he’s been in Pakistan.

She said: But I dont understand- you mean you can talk to random people and see them and know what they’re thinking?

He said: Its a strange gift I have.

She said: What do you mean- you can have talk to M without even picking up the phone and dialling her number? What do you mean? You talk to her in your head and she talks back to you?

He said: I dont know how it works, but its weird and it does!

She said: Okay so if you have this weird control over all these things- talk to meee too! Im so excited, try seeing me too by closing your eyes and tell me what I’m doing.

He said: I dont know, its not really working. We can just continue to talk through M when things are complicated and we cant talk on the phone?

She said: Okay

She said: Hey, there are these 3 significant people in your life. M’s talked to almost all of them, and even met Andy. Tell Patrick to call me? I want to talk to Andy also. I want to meet Richard.

He said: I will.

Every week, she asked angrily: I told you I wanted something.  I told you I wanted to talk to Andy. Patrick. What is the problem?

He replied with even more anger: What the hell am I supposed to do when things keep happening and people keep getting shot and they are never home? Is it my fault?

She was quiet.

She said: I need something from you to believe this all is real.

He said: I promise I will give you something.

Now: Time still keeps going by. So far amount of things that she has: Zero and counting.

He said: Feb and March will be weird for you. Things will come together and happen for you in April. We will meet and get engaged in April.

She said: Really? Are you sure? I trust you because you know things- I cant wait for April to start.

Now: After 45 agonizing days, April started. He’s in a coma. Travelling to America in a coma. Coming back to Pakistan in a coma.

Patrick, Andy, Richard- all dead.

God said: I’ll take care of both of you.

He said: You’re my princess, I’ll make everything okay and we will end up together and married, and we’ll be the happiest couple anyone will ever meet.

She believed him.

Now: Knowing all these things and about 1900 more, she still loves him.

She wonders if she’s the stupidest woman that God ever created.

She secretly knows that she needn’t wonder.


2 Responses to “My life: The Uncommon Dialogue.”

  1. mansoor Says:

    ouch man….

    really really really ouch!

  2. Jaded Says:

    women thrive on this kind of stupidity buddy… it’s called love and when it’s there you have the faith to stand by it no matter how stupid it feels… and somehow it all seems worth it.. All the best for April!

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