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update. March 16, 2007

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my life hasn’t changed in all the time that i haven’t been blogging.
it has its moments where it went from bad to worse to worst to bad.
i have had a few almost breakdowns,
but i survived.

i will spare everyone the details.
it was hard enough living through it the first time.

but one good came out of it.

i drove!:D

i drove myself after almost 3 years.
and it was…
it was scary.
all at the same time.

i loved it.

i love driving.
love it.

other than that…
i had an awesome basant.

i want to write about it even though it’s been almost a month.
but not today.

i am going to watch a movie.
i will post about my best basant ever tomorrow inshallah.
but congratulate meeee on me being able to drive in the meantime you guys?:)


4 Responses to “update.”

  1. falsaqueen Says:

    Yay. me happy for thee!

  2. PsycheD Says:

    first of all….congrats! i also love driving – kinda therapeutic…sp when im nursing a broken heart

    second….luv the new template! its awesome!

    third..welcome back…i was becoming a regular on ur blog till u stopped updating…now will try to swing by more often.

    live life to the max buddy!

  3. S. Says:

    🙂 Officially saying congratulations to you. So proud of you. Really. Now all you have to do is put THOSE clothes on and we be set.
    iloveyou you. x

  4. Natasha Says:

    congratulations *confetti* 🙂 🙂

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