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BlogThought: how it all began. March 14, 2007

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one sunday afternoon,
God was bored.
He was thinking what He should do.

and that is how it all began.

a thought came to His mind.

He decided to play a trick.

He created a creature with a face,
a body,
arms and legs,
and something else which He had never given to anything created before.

and then a world was created for the creature to live in.
and he was sent down.

the creature,
called human,
was told that you have been given a brain,
and the freedom to live your life the way you want to.

what He forgot to mention to the humans was that He has already written down each

day of the humans life.
and how it will be spent.
what choices will be made.
what decisions would be made.
when he will come back to Him.

a brain was given to the humans,
to make them think that they have control over their life.
that they could choose to become and do what they aspire to,
and what they dream of.

it’s all a big lie.

in reality,
the story of our lives has already been written.
we are just puppets following the unknown,
a path called destiny.


6 Responses to “BlogThought: how it all began.”

  1. kanwal Says:

    the story of our lives has already been written.
    we are just puppets following the unknown,
    a path called destiny.

    You truely believe in this?

  2. jammie Says:

    i think the beauty is in that He forgot to mention to us what our limitations were- that our destiny is preordained – which is why we feel we have the power to make choices and rejoice and lament them. heh . I think its a marvellously convulted concept 🙂 i much enjoy it.

  3. falsaqueen Says:

    It’s the illusion. That we have. The illusion that radiates power, but we truly are the followers.

  4. S. Says:

    Sometimes the greatest comfort is in knowing that things will end only the way that they were written; and people like us rely on those facts. No matter how many things go wrong, or how many people try and complicate situations, no matter how many twists of fate we must live through, it will all end the way that it was meant to.

    🙂 And we know how it was meant to end. Or begin. Because thats the way that it was written.
    iloveyou b. I do.

  5. Jaded Says:

    Profound… And signifies the sheer power in the vulnerability of being human!

    Bless you!

  6. in2deep Says:

    @ kanwal: yeah, i do believe that its all written and we’re only following the path that’s been set for us.

    @ jammie: 🙂 this is the firts time you’ve commented on my post, its nice to see you here. the mood in which i wrote the post, i wasnt praising the concept, but yeah, its alright.

    @ falsa: it’s all just a facade and illusion.

    @ S: iloveyou so much more than you think:)

    @ jaded: thanks for dropping by:)

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