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ive been tagged! March 8, 2007

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Ten things I want to do before I die-

1. i want to write a book about my life, my experiences, my story and have it published.

2. i want to travel the whole world and visit every nook and corner.

3. i want to own an island and a ship.

4. i want to make homes for as many poor people as i can, give them food, and pay their bills.

5. i want to adopt a child.

6. i want a house full of my daughters.

7. i want to go on a show like oprah and tell the whole world my story.

8. i want to live a normal life.

9. i want to take S to american idol.

10. i want to be free.


4 Responses to “ive been tagged!”

  1. S. Says:

    Hmmm. 5:27am?

  2. falsaqueen Says:

    I’m worried about freedom, it just doesn’t come.
    But I hope you romance with it, and it grants you its loyalty to you forever:)

  3. UD Says:

    wats so special abt gng to the American Idol? a house full of daughters and adopting a child 🙂 that sounds sooooooo sweet n caring-y!

  4. SK Says:

    Nos. 1-7 quite defy the term “a normal life in no. 8”. 🙂

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