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Blogwordoftheday: Imagine January 26, 2007

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an old man crossed a house a few months ago,
and stopped by and wanted to meet the man who lived there.
the guards asked him why?
and he said everytime he passes this particular house,
there is this beautiful fragrance which comes only from this house.

he said i know there is someone very special living in this house,
and i want to meet him.
the guard came and told me,
and i went outside to see what it was all about.

he was waiting outside in the lawn,
and as soon as i came out the door,
he smiled.

he spoke to me and told me i’m special.
he told me about the fragnance.
he spoke to me about God.
about life.

he spoke to me.

after that day,
he started coming often.

he came day before yesterday again.
yesterday evening,
something happened.
he was shaking,
sweating and his heart beat was so fast.
i knew i was going to lose him very soon.

he became better for a while,
and spoke to me again.
about so many things.

at around 345 in the morning,
i lost him.
we were on our way to his home,
taking him to his family.

i couldn’t help him.
i couldn’t keep him alive for just another 15 minutes for his family to see him one last time.

i cannot help but feel and think that everyone who ever comes to me,
gets close to me,
dies soon after meeting me.

i have lost count of the number of people who have died on me.

can anyone of you even imagine what it’s like being me and living my life?


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