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a little something about me December 12, 2006

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since i have never written about myself,
i will dedicate the post today to me.

i feel like telling you about the kind of person i am.
the kind of person i was.
and my life before i got stuck in this mess.

sometimes even i dont believe myself that i had a normal life.
ive been involved in this too long.
it’s sad.
it’s been too long.

dad was a doctor,
and he had shifted to the states a long time ago.
he saw this girl at a wedding and decided that buss.
i will marry her.

she turned out to be some family friend,
and without many problems,
mum and dad got married.

after i was born,
dad decided he couldn’t stand the country any longer and decided to move back

to the states.
so when i was 3ish,
we moved to D.C.

i was a devil as a child.
i remember all of my sharaarats.
i have mentioned a few in my old blog before.:)

mum used to be alone at home with me,
we never had a maid or a sitter.
and dad was at the hospital for most of his day.
that’s why growing up,
i have heard of all my escapades from mum.

my friend zak and i were next door neighbors for a little while,
and there were 3 girls who used to live in our neighborhood.
we became good friends with them,
and i remember how fascinated zak and i used to be of their boobs.

we’d sit in the school for hours discussing them and wondering what they’d look

i was always good with drawings,
and we’d make soo many different sketches of them.

after the first time zak saw one,
i remember he came running to my house and we went to my room and he drew it

for me.
we discussed it at length!


zak and i were always the partners in crime.
we did all the wrong things together.

in the 9th grade i fell in love with this girl.
she was my senior.
i never had the guts to speak to her.
i knew the times of her classes,
and i used to stand outside her class just to look at her.

on her graduation,
i sent her a flower from anonymous.
i will never forget the smile on her face when she held that flower,
and how she looked around.
she saw me,
and i ran.


mum wanted me to be an architect,
and i sure as hell didn’t want to become a doctor.
or study sciences or economics.
i loved drawing and sketches.

i went to NYU for a quarter.
hated it.

then decided to do architecture.

i had many girlfriends.
i hated them all.
they wanted time and attention.
they didn’t ask me for it,
they expected it.

i don’t remember birthdays.
i don’t remember important days in my life,
in peoples lives or otherwise.
i hated it when a girl would fight with me because i didn’t call her all day,
or she didn’t know where i was for 2 whole days.

i couldn’t stand them.
and i couldn’t stand when they acted as if they owned me and my life,
and i was somehow answerable to them for the way i was living my days.

they were all so annoying.
they all wanted something more with every passing day.

(for all those thinking what a fucker,
i was a fucker.
i still do have those tendencies btw.)

i love dancing.
absolutely looooooove dancing!
i used to party every single night.

there was this song which was released a few years ago by baby doll,
kaanta lagaa.
i heard it and i went insane.
i wanted all my friends to hear it and see the video and i wanted to play it at a club.
i bought a fucking $80 vcd of baby doll.

i was in NY i remember.
we went to this club,
we got someone to play our cd.

there was this one step that baby doll used to do in the video,
zak and i had learnt it.
we started dancing like that in the club,
and by the end of the night,
every single person in that club was doing the baby doll step!

hahahaha that was one awesome time.

one latest song that i want to play at a club and rock it is arif lohars “jugni.”
it’s awesome.
everytime i hear it,
i miss all my friends so much.
so so so so so so so so so so much because i know we would have rocked any party with it.

i miss them.


i have so many anecdotes to tell.
i’ll keep writing them off and on.

till then,

jugni jugni,
meraya jugni!:D


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