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days of the new November 21, 2006

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i have been sleeping through the days ever since saturday.

i sleep at 2-3 am,
and i wake up at 7 in the evening.
i have messed up my whole routine because of the hearings.

i have no life.
i sleep.
i wake up.
i have chae.
i eat.
i talk to S.
i go to sleep.
then i wake up in the evening the next day.

i know the art of sleeping.
if noone wakes me,
i can sleep for 3 days at a stretch.

people hate me for it.
but i love it.

so i don’t know who all read my blogs reviews.
what i don’t understand is if you hate it so much,
why bother reading it?

if you find my writings,
sorry my bad.
my “poetry” such a drag then DON’T READ IT.


how much time do you people have on your hands?
i thought i was leading a lame life.
it makes me feel better knowing there are bigger lamesters out there.


so yesterday i got two different e-mails from two different companies telling me i have won their lottery.
i won 750,000 pounds through the first lottery,
and 2,500,000 pounds through the second lottery.

that’s fucking hell of a lot of money!

all fraud ofcourse.
but it left me feeling lucky.


winters are here.
i took the razaaee last night instead of a blanket.
loved it.

i love the razaaees.
i love winters.

hmmm…my birthday is on sunday,

i’m going to be very old.

and i’m expecting everyone and anyone who reads my blog,
or visits it on sunday to wish me a very happy birrrrrrday.

now i need to get back to signing crappy documents which need my immediate attention.


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