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BlogthoughtNo.4 : They say it isn’t possible. November 15, 2006

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it was january 2002.
that’s when i first messaged her on msn.

february 2002,
i asked her if she would be my valentine.
she said yes.
and we’re still together mashallah.

december of 2003.
that’s when i got married to my cousin againt my will.

summer of 2004.
that’s when i was shot and had my accident and i became paralyzed.

summer of 2005.
my family.
my friends.
my parents.
anyone i ever knew was killed.

summer 2006.
i stood up and i started walking.
my paralysis kept getting better.

november 15, 2006.
my case is in the court and i’m on the verge of winning it.

i’ll be a free man.
i will have a family.
i will have friends.
i will have a home.

they said and they thought it wasn’t possible.


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