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the end is the beginning November 5, 2006

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my case opened in the court yesterday.

i was supposed to fly to the states for the hearings,
but i went to india on thursday and asked my doctor if i can fly,
and he didn’t clear me.

so i am still here,
but i saw the proceedings through the video camera etc.

now that i cannot fly and be there for my case,
that changed alot of things.
first basic thing that changes is that i cannot be cross-questioned.
but the judge said that since i will be present and listening and watching everything,
if need be,
i will be questioned via satellite.

last night only the opening statements took place,
and the defence and the judge were told of my absence.

my lawyer N,
she did well.
she’s a tough woman.
and she is well prepared for the case.

rich and jeff tell me she’s one the best in the business,
and inshallah she will get me my justice.
i’m happy wth her.
i like her.

the next hearing is in a weeks time.
i’m told that getting such a quick hearing date is great,
and that means the judge knows there is no case for the defence.

this mess that i am in,
should be over really soon.


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