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Eid Mubarak!:) October 26, 2006

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eid was wonderful.

a quick account of the events that took place before the actual eid day because they are all related.

saturday night i arranged for poker night and i announced that i’m going to be playing for money.
i have never played for money,
but my brokeness forced me to play for money as i didn’t even have rs. 100 to re-charge my phone credit.

we prepared for poker with our cigars,
beer and money.
it was great and i kicked everyones ass and i won……lets just say lots of money:D
(we bet in dollars so when the conversion happened, it was so much more than it was actually!)

since i had loads of money and i was in the eid spirit,
i decided to buy all the boys shalwar kurtas and chappals (sandals,)
and celebrate eid.

since all us boys are goras (foreigners) we needed a desi to help shop for the shalwar kurtas.
we gave a make-over to maq a.k.a maqbool,
our cook,
gave him the “saab” look,
and 2 boys along with maq went shopping on monday night and got 20 shalwar kurtas and 20 pairs of chappals.

since eid didn’t happen on tuesday,
we got one extra day to prepare for eid.
so on the actual chaand raat (the night before eid)
our cleaning lady, sughraa,
put oil in everyones hair.

then she taught us how to wear a shalwar and more importantly how to handle it.
we couldn’t hold the shalwar in its place,
so we got rid of the naala and put elastic in it instead.
that did help the situation.

i was so glad because everyone was really in to the whole eid thing,
and we were doing everything together and even though this whole concept was new to the boys and rich and brit and jeff,
they were most excited.

i had asked rich if i could go say my eid prayers in the mosque with maq,
and he gave me the permission.:D
the prayer time was 7am.

i woke up at 6am and it took me 40 minutes to wash off the oil from my hair.:P
then i wore my off-white shalwar kurta,
sat in my wheel chair and maq and i walked to the mosque to say our prayers.
it was so so so so so nice.

on our way back home,
we bought halwaa puree.
we got back and all the boys were all showered and dressed in shalwar kurtaa
everyone had breakfast together,
and at 930ish,
we had the sheer khoorma (dessert) that i had made.

it turned out really yummy.
it was my first time making it and it was just perfect.

we sat around talking and then maq decided to teach everyone how to play ludo (a desi board game) till lunch time we played ludo then.

for lunch i had made nihaari,
and we got naan with it and what deleeeeeecious nihaari it turned out to be.

we got done with lunch by 3,
and we were all so dead by 330 that everyone went to sleep.
we woke up at 7,
had chae (tea),
and hung out.

jeff made bbq for dinner,
was great too.

we called it a night at 1130.
and from 1130 till 4 i spoke to my baby,
and then we finally called it a night.

i realized and i learnt that it’s easy to sit and cry and crib over things.
if you want to do something,
nothing in this world can ever stop you from doing so.
i try to make the most of what i have,
and i was so happy this eid,
so so happy.

i missed my parents the most and i wished they were here with me.
but they weren’t,
and that is okay too.
they were happy because i was happy.
i had one of the best days of my life yesterday,
and i loved every minute of it.


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