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the eid delay October 23, 2006

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so there is no eid tomorrow.

i thought of mum and what her reaction would have been to this had she been here,
and it made me smile with tears in my eyes.

she would have been so mad had she prepared food for eid.

my mum didn’t know how to cook,
so when she did once every year on eid,
that was always the bigger occasion.

once she tried making kheer (a dessert,)
which she over cooked.

dad and i kept re-assuring her that it was okay,
and we poured it in a big bowl and put it on the table.
when we finally tasted it,
there was no sugar in it.


to save ourselves from all the howling and crying of “i don’t know how to make anything.” and
“i will never learn anything,”
dad and i sent her off to shower and change and quickly put the kheer back on the stove,
put sugar in it and mixed and cooked it as quickly as possible,
and placed it back on the table just in time.

i have been thinking of mum and dad all day today.
i think about them every day but today was different.

it’s been making me sad.

i was remembering all the eids when mum would call me and say “are you coming home for eid?”
and i’d say “of course i am.”
and then she’d ask “do you have a shalwar kurtaa to wear?”
and my answer would always be “no.”

then she would tell me that that is why she got one made for me.
and how i don’t care for eid and i should and i have to wake up early for the eid prayer and i’m so irresponsible and i don’t bother to fast and i’m not a good muslim and i should be home for ramzan and i don’t care for the important things etc. etc. and the list would just not end..


i miss her.
i miss them.
i miss all those times.

*deep breath*

on to a lighter note.

i started season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy.
if you don’t watch that show,
you should start.
it’s a must watch.
it’s my second favorite show of all times after LOST.

now my boys are back with the eid shopping,
(the details of which i will write in my next post,)
i will go and see what all they got.

happy one extra holiday everyone!:)


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